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SOFTWIN GROUP has been focused also on market-leading e-Learning solutions since 2002, when the company extended itself with INTUITEXT business line for supporting the customers in creating and designing educational content. One year later, Softwin Group was already awarded the "IT Oscars" for innovation, as the European IST Prize, awarded by the European Commission and a group of 18 National Academies.

For more than 27 years we have been addressing a wide range of end customers such as corporations, publishers, libraries and public institutions.

Since we already manage our own textbooks and manuals following the educational system in Romania and extended our work within international projects, we can customize educational materials and solutions for you as well.

Content development services

The content is one of the main components of any training system, either classic or computer assisted. SOFTWIN is not only the leader on the Romanian market in developing e-content, but also one of the world’s most advanced companies in the field.
Through its unique expertise and extended offer, Intuitext can satisfy all the requirements regarding the development of any eLearning content.

Interactive content that increases the efficiency of training

The interactive content engages the learners in active participation, thus assuring an increased assimilation of knowledge and also the development of competencies.

The content modules are organized in accordance with the trainees’ learning needs and can include simulations, case studies, presentations, tutorials, exercises or games. This modular approach in structuring the content offers a high level of flexibility and reusability of the content.

The content developed by Softwin benefits from psycho-pedagogical expertise and it is designed o become an active support to the training process. It is not intended to replace the trainer, but to help him with his work, leading to an increased efficiency of the training.

Smart content that meets the highest standards in the field

SOFTWIN is a partner of Advanced Distributed Learning, the organization that developed SCORM 2004, one of the well-known standards in the eLearning field. Moreover, Softwin is one of the first companies that created content compatible with this standard. This kind of content, played within a SCORM compliant platform, is able to adapt to each learner’s level.

Content to counsel employees anytime they need it, even when they are in front of the client

Intuitext develops a Production Assistance type content that:

  • ensures complete compliance of the procedures;
  • presents the characteristics of the products and services;
  • makes comparisons between various products or services;
  • includes a glossary of terms explained in plain language.


Over the years, SOFTWIN has developed competency in creating rich graphics in the E-Learning domain. We have more than a decade experience in designing creative and quality 2D/3D animation, comprising story building, characters & backgrounds design and sound integration.

We use models and 2D/3D animations as valuable tools to facilitate learning by discovery.

Our team makes the most of the possibilities that graphics and animations give us to provide the most appropriate representations for the informational content and, at the same time, to create an interactive and attractive environment.

We have expertise in translating client objectives into rich graphics, keeping in mind cultural differences and end-user requirements.

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