We convert plain/simple texts into texts worth reading.

At SOFTWIN, we understand the importance of a message. It must be well-written, presented, delivered in good conditions and on all available channels. Thus, we offer a large spectrum of publishing services to help your documents, both in print and online, stand out from the crowd. Our portfolio includes services the following services: Prepress & Typesetting, XML Markup and ePub creation.

Prepress & Typesetting

SOFTWIN is one of the major European prepress houses for more than 15 years. We are serving for many years the European Union in all 24 official languages as well as a number of prestigious publishing companies all over the world. Our expertise in STM publications is honed in hundreds of projects developed with various academic and professional publishers, for more than a decade.

We are more than ready to complement our typesetting services and:

  • Scan & Capture text from manuscripts and any type of source file you can imagine;
  • Prepare professional InDesign templates or work/repair existing ones;
  • Create custom one-of-kind artwork to set your business apart from the competition, re-draw all types of geographic, business, medical, science, comics and children books illustration.

XML Markup

When using the Extensible Markup Language (XML) you set up the production of press-ready PDF files, web-optimized PDF files, full-text HTML and metadata for aggregators, all from a single source file. The same source file goes to archive and enables the preservation of the most valuable asset, the content. We have been working for many years with the European Union in their XML projects, finishing projects in all 24 official languages. We are specialized in working with Docbook, TEI, JATS/BITS standard (formerly the NLM DTD) and we have extensive expertise in many other XML standards and on proprietary structures.

ePub creation

Would you like to publish digitally? Do you expect something that is really handcrafted and tested to work on every device and eBook environment? Now your dream may come true due to SOFTWIN’s extensive experience! You can send us your files (Word, PDF, InDesign) and we will transform them with our proprietary Xpanda technology. Moreover, we can provide ePub conversion, for any type of documents that contain: plain text, tables, images, graphics, and links.

Artwork and Web Design

Redrawing, tracing (vectors), relabeling, content development.

Data Capture, Conversion & Digitization

Support services

Quality management, technology infrastructure, backup, research & customized software development, security, project management.

No matter the type of publications we have an answer because we don’t just push buttons. We are an educational publisher ourselves.

ePublishing Major Projects…


De Boeck - Scientific, economic, medical and linguistic content

Groupe Larcier - Book Production

YOYO Books - Educational books for children up to age 8

Proost International - Book Production


Thieme Medical Publishers - Online medical journals production

Froebus - Production of electronic catalogues

Wissen Media Verlag - Web application and content conversion & Dictionary, Reference content capture and structuring

Springer Healthcare - Typesetting & structuring for healthcare books and scientific articles


The Bucharest Public Library - Digital Library project

Romanian Ministry of Education - Educational content, Electronic dictionaries on CD-ROM editions


Hearst /Motor - Drawing services

Hearst Corporation - Structured Content, eCatalog creation

goReader Inc - eBook conversion

Cornell University - XML conversion for Natural Sciences Encyclopedia


Integrator Solution provider - Medical journals

CAIRN - Production of journals for online distribution

Hachette - Production of journals and magazines

Nathan - Production of school books and dictionaries

Larousse - Production of dictionaries & books

Lavoisier - Production of dictionaries & books

Edition Breal - Production of dictionaries & books

Jouve - Scientific content


Wolters Nordhoff /Kluwer - Equations processing

Brill - Processing magazines microfilmed archives, Production publications on XML stream, Digitizing publications, Representation historical information in geospatial system, Structuring of numerous history works in Greek, Coptic and Arab

Infinitas Learning - Scientific content


Palgrave - Academic Division of Macmillan

Publishing Group - Conversion services

Nelson Thornes - The Push Guide, guides typesetting in XML structuring

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